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If you’re looking for 38 SPL ammo for sale, you’re in the right place. We are the best online store to buy .38 special ammo online. This ammo is top-of-the-line. It is high-quality, fully loaded, and has a great bang for your buck. It was made by Winchester and would be a great addition to your collection. 38 special ammo 100 rounds.

38 special ammo in stock | .38 special ammo 100 rounds for sale

Browse our great selection of .38 Special Ammo 100 rounds in your favorite brands and styles. We carry 38 Special FMJ,.38 Special Hollow Point as well as .38 Special Lead Ammo that are built for quality and consistency. you won’t find better prices on 22 Magnum Ammunition anywhere! Search all your favorite .38 Special Ammunition brands at The Sportsman’s Guide. We carry Winchester .38 Special Ammo, Remington .38 Special Ammo, Magtech .38 Special Ammo and more! Get all your ammo at The Guide for low prices. 38 special ammo 100 rounds.

What Is a .38 Special Wadcutter?

Wadcutters are a special type of cartridge that feature a flat-fronted bullet. Designed specifically for shooting targets, the .38 Wadcutter creates a small, clean hole in paper, allowing for easy scoring in target shooting competitions.

In the .38 Special, the wadcutter has also become popular with self-defense enthusiasts. Because of the short barrel in snubnose revolvers, the wadcutter design improves velocity, as well as lethality. Like other loads, there is a wide range of wadcutter ammo, from full wadcutters for target shooting to semi-wadcutter hollow points, which make a great all around bullet for just about everything – including plinking in the backyard and self defense.

What Are the Types of .38 Special Ammo?

Like other firearm cartridges, this .38 ammo comes in a variety of forms and functions. Unlike many other firearms, most .38 Special revolvers can and will reliably fire a variety of cartridges and loads, from grains to pressure, without mishap, even when this variance is loaded into the same cylinder.

Because of this, many shooters opt for guns chambered in .38 Special simply for its variety of loads. Also, many handloaders have come to appreciate the .38 Special cartridge and it’s proven to be a favorite among them.

38 Special Ammo Types

We carry a full line of 38 special ammo with more than a dozen different bullet types. Full metal jacket or lead round nose rounds are very popular for range training. More particular shooters will want to go with a wadcutter load. These wadcutter bullets are particularly good at punching precise holes in paper and are quite popular among competitive shooters where scoring zones are of the utmost importance. you can buy 38 special ammo 100 rounds.

Of course, if you carry a 38 special for protection, you’ll likely want to pick up hollow point rounds of some kind. These bullets expand upon impact with a soft target, doing the maximum amount of damage and giving you the best chance at neutralizing a threat.

38 Special Ballistics

+P ammunition is very common among 38 special loads and you’ll find increased pressure affords shooters about 20% more muzzle energy than standard loads in the caliber.

38 SPL Wadcutter 148 Grain 690 ft/second 156 ft. lbs.
38 SPL 158 Grain 940 ft/second 310 ft. lbs.
38 SPL +P 158 Grain 1,000 ft/second 351 ft. lbs.

Of course, keep in mind – if you choose to carry a load with increased pressure, that does have the potential to increase strain on your firearm. Many manufacturers do not recommend shooting +p ammo in their firearms. Also, if you choose +p rounds, expect to deal with increased recoil as a result of the increased velocity and energy these loads provide. Here is the best place to order 38 special ammo 100 rounds.

Uses For 38 Special Ammo 100, 250, other rounds?

The 38 Special had a rich service life and was used by all branches of the military in the years between 1935 and 1985. Most frequently used as a self-defense and survival weapon by aircrew members, it was also issued as a duty sidearm to military police and security personnel.

From the 1920s through the 1990s, police departments across the country utilized the power and function of the .38 Special cartridge, and it was used in many sidearm firearms throughout World War I and World War II. 38 special ammo 100 rounds.

Beyond the military and law enforcement, the .38 Special was, and still is, highly acclaimed as an accurate cartridge and remains popular among target shooters – with the revolver being the most common type of handgun used for target shooting .38 Special rounds. With u, you can get 9mm bulk ammo for sale

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Because the .38 Special has stopping power and limited recoil, it’s become a favorite among those who train for self-defense situations and concealed carry. With the availability of small, snubnose revolvers chambered for the caliber, there’s little doubt why so many carry it. These snubnoses can easily be carried in an ankle or pocket holster without any hassle or discomfort, making them readily accessible if and when the need strikes.

While the .38 Special cartridge isn’t considered hunting ammunition and most would struggle to take down big game animals with it, the cartridge is effective on small to medium game animals and varmint. 38 special ammo 100 rounds.